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​Wealthy Affiliate is the go-to program for ethically earning money online in the long run.

Have you had a bad experience of dealing with scammers? I know some of you have had many, which is always disappointing and depressing. More so because those people not only waste your money, but also your time and effort.

I’ve read so many horror stories of innocent people getting scammed by dishonest MLM and similar schemes that I’m now very sceptical of any “gurus” out there.

You know who I’m talking about—the people that promise the whole world without ever giving anything of value.

They make you go through pages after pages of superficial promises, only to hit you up with a paywall in the end and yet another promise. This last promise is almost always a golden key that can unlock the hidden vault of secret knowledge that can solve any problem imaginable, and they generously offer it to you for just $999.99. They tell you to not worry about what lies on the other side, just know that it’s invaluable secret knowledge…

After seeing the sales pitch for such programs, I was ecstatic when I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. These people not only showed me what’s possible, but they also got me started for free.

I got a TON of value from them without ever paying anything for it, so it didn’t take me long to upgrade to premium to take my business to the next level.

It has been by far my best experience and I highly recommend it to people aspiring to start an online business. My efforts in WA bore fruit and I am sure yours will too.

Thank you for having the patience to read my whole review. I made a lot of effort writing this thorough review because I wanted to share my personal insights on every aspect of WA to help you make an informed decision, which is the key to your next step.

As the review is so long thanks to so many details, here is a quick recap of everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate:


Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Simple and Transparent Membership Program | Rating – 5/5

The thing I love the most about WA is their simplicity and transparency.

It’s simple because there are two straightforward ways to make money with this program:

  • Follow 4 simple steps to build your own website. You make money by promoting products
    of other companies and earning a commission on each sale. As simple as that.
  • You can also promote the WA program itself to other people. Free members can earn USD11.75 commission per referral while
    premium members can earn twice as much. Plus, free members can always upgrade
    once they start making decent sales.

It’s transparent because there are only two memberships: FREE and PREMIUM.

When I say FREE, I mean as free as the air you’re breathing right now.

As for PREMIUM, there’s a flat monthly fee of USD49. There are no hidden fees, no gimmicks, and none of the upsells, downsells and the other nonsense plaguing other programs.

Comprehensive Online Business Training | Rating – 4.5/5

At the core of it, Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate business education course. So I spent a great deal of time to evaluate the education they provide. I’m happy to report WA delivers on their promise of education. There are two main trainings to get you started:
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – 5 online courses with 10 classes each
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 online courses with 10 classes each
There are also weekly Live Classes for intermediate to advanced users. So you can get value out of it even if you have some experience already. However, education is one area where premium members get a ton more value than free ones. As a free member, you will only get access to the first course of each training. No Live Classes either.

With all that being said, I think the free courses do a great job of laying the foundation for any beginner’s online journey. Having this foundational knowledge will allow you to progress further with your own research. Or you could even upgrade to Premium membership at that time, if you feel you got a great value out of the free courses.  

Everything considered, I believe it would have been better if they made a few more courses free. But the ones they do give away for free are actually really good. 

Premium Domain And Hosting Solutions | Rating – 4.75/5

If you are not sure what is Domain and Website Hosting mean, you can always go to my full review page to have better idea. But let’s give you a quick idea here. Check out the following illustration:

domain and website hosting relationship

You need a house to store all your cool furniture, carpets, and decoration pieces. If anyone wants to check out your house, they need to know your house address first.

Just like that, your readers need your website address (domain name) to check out the content in your storage building (hosting server). To make everything in your building organized and easily accessible, you need a floor plan (website framework like WordPress) so everything is placed strategically and used efficiently.

To provide you the best domain registration experience, WA offers the following two options:

  • Free domain – under So if you name your website MyWebsite, your free domain will be “”.
  • Premium domain – registration for USD13.99 per year. For example, you can register “” or whatever you wish. You get access to premium features like privacy protection, advanced DNS, SSL certificate and much more for no extra cost.

To provide you the best website hosting, WA has partnered with SiteRubix because of the following three awesome features:

  • Amazon C3 Large servers so your website will load lightning fast
  • Comprehensive security solutions so your website will be safe from hackers
  • Daily backups and dual servers so your website will always be up and running​

Premium members can host up to 25 websites without paying anything extra on top of flat membership fee. This is a massive value for money.

But what about free members?

Well, your prayers have been heard because you can host not just one but TWO websites for free. Combine this with their free domain and you’ve got yourself a website running at a grand total of ZERO dollars.


Intuitive Website Development Tools | Rating – 4.75/5

With domain name and hosting taken care of, the next step is to actually build your website.

Normally, this means spending a ton of time to setup WordPress by yourself. Or you can pay some expert to do it for you. As if that wasn’t expensive enough already, you also have to pay for a nice theme and many other widgets to ensure your website runs smooth and safe. And that’s just the beginning.

As a WA member, you can do all that within quickly without paying for some expert or a theme. How? By using these three website development tools:

1. SiteBuilder to help you build a responsive website in three simple steps. The best part? You can do it in under 30 seconds! Free members can have 4 while Premium members also get over 4,000 themes for free.

2. SiteManager to help you check all the details of your website (last backup date, security monitoring, performance etc.) within your WA account directly. Premium members also get additional privileges such as website improvement suggestions and Google PageSpeed Insights for each webpage.

3. SiteContent manager to help you write and publish powerful content without even opening WordPress. With features like grammar checking, default templates, writing structure guidelines, and more, any level of writers can write better content easily now. Again, the goal is to help you manage all the content from one place: your WA account. This saves so much time!

4. Kraken Image Optimizer to automatically optimize your images across all devices so your website can load in the shortest time possible. Your website loading speed directly affects your user experience and your search engine rankings. So this premium solution, given to you for free, can have a significant impact on your website’s success.

Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tools | Rating – 4.25/5

Creating a website is one thing. Getting people to visit your website is a whole different beast.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to get stable traffic for free, month after month. So to say that SEO is important would be the biggest understatement of this year.

The guys at WA know this all too well. To help you rank your website on the first page of search engines, they offer the following tools:

1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool so you can find keywords with the highest traffic and the lowest competition. You get access to tons of data like monthly searches, SEO score, and so on.

2. Alphabet Soup Tool so you never run out of keyword ideas. It’s a really interesting technique that can help you figure out the demand for your chosen niche before investing all your resources in it.

3. SiteRank Tool to help you track your keyword rankings in real-time across Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I know people who pay $5-$25 per month to other services just for this.

All these tools can help you craft a winning SEO strategy even if you’re just a beginner. Better yet, even free members get access to all these tools. There are some usage limitations but good enough for a beginner.

Humanized Coaching and Support System​ | Rating – 4.9/5

Launching an online business is a long, tiring journey. More so if you’re doing it all alone. So you can imagine my delight when I got to join the vibrant and thriving WA community. It’s filled with positive people who not only help others but actually love to do it. I think a big credit goes to the program creators for promoting these values by taking part themselves and helping members. All in all, WA offers a human touch to their program with the following:
  • A thriving community of beginners and experts both
  • 24/7 Live chat for premium members
  • Private messaging to both CEO and members for premium members
  • Premium support in less than 5 minutes for premium members
  • Pay-Forward system to reward community interactions
  • An opportunity for free coaching from the CEO himself
  • Affiliate Program Review, Sharing and Management Platform
With so many opportunities for Coaching and Support, I think they deserve all the praise they get everywhere and then some more.​

Cons – Nothing Is Perfect. Same Goes For Wealthy Affiliate

Though Wealthy Affiliate is nearly perfect, for me at least, there are still some minor cons which I have mentioned in each section. Below is a summary:

1. Language Barrier – English Only

Their entire website and all of their training content is in English, so non-English speakers may struggle to follow the program.

However, their 24/7 community members and ambassadors are from all over the world. So, you can still get support in your native language, as I get in traditional Chinese.

Their free keyword research tool “Jaaxy” works with English alphabets only though, so you can’t find keywords in any other language.

To overcome this, their online course covers Google Keyword Planner that supports many languages. So, you can still apply the teachings of WA to build a website in your own language.

2. WordPress for Website Framework Only

Their entire website and all of their training content is in English, so non-English speakers may struggle to follow the program.

If you’re not a fan of WordPress, then you must either adapt to it or build your website outside WA.

If you build your website outside WA, you can still transfer it to their platform and enjoy all their premium hosting benefits like daily website backups, https setup, security checks, malware scans and prevention, and many more.

3. Not the Fastest Way to Earn Money

If you want to earn your first few dollars in a few hours or days without any serious effort, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not for you.

If you’re on a tight or non-existent budget, but you’re willing to put in your best effort, Wealthy Affiliate can help you overcome the limitations holding you back.

In reality, there is no shortcut to making an honest living, especially without effort. So, Wealthy Affiliate promise only what they can deliver. If you work hard to learn from them, your efforts are almost guaranteed to pay off. I say almost because nothing is guaranteed. While WA is as close as it gets, it all still depends on you.

So, hard work and dedication is what you need above everything else to run an honest and sustainable online business.

What Do I Do Now? Final Piece of Advice…

First of all, congratulations on reading this far! Now you know everything about Wealthy Affiliate to make an educated and logical decision.

With that being said, I’m not going to just high five and then leave you stranded without some solid advice first. 

I’m sure you’re exhausted after reading all that, so I’ve divided my final advice in three sections. Please skip to the section that best describes you:

1. Total Beginners

Are you still having doubts about paying your hard-earned money for some online program from people you don’t know? 

That’s good! It is smart to have doubts when you’re only getting started.

The thing I love the most about Wealthy Affiliate is that they don’t demand you to pay up front. You can join Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member to see for yourself if it’s worth your time and money, and most importantly, if this is the right path for you. 

Free starter membership never expires, so learn and try out new things until you understand all the basic rules of running an online business as an affiliate marketer. 

Afterwards, you can easily upgrade to premium membership if you feel like it. Trust me, you WILL feel like it! 

No credit card. No Sensitive information. Just your name and email address. Plus, they hate spam as much as you do.

 2. Neither a Newbie nor a Guru

You probably joined some MLM (Multi-level marketing) programs but you aren’t happy or satisfied with your work. You don’t feel too proud when someone asks you “What do you do for a living?” 

Does that sound like you?

The truth is, these programs can be frustrating to follow because you get tired from the stress of countless requirements. Reaching a monthly selling quota, handling logistic issues, or selling those pay-to-unlock learning programs can be exhausting and even overwhelming at times.

If you are fighting against any limitation, be it physical or emotional or even a chronic disease, you know you’re tough because you are fighting. No one can deny that.

However, to stay strong in that fight, you have to keep the stress in check and one good way is to avoid the nonsensical requirements of MLM programs altogether. You will face nothing but exhaustion and overwhelm otherwise.

What’s even worse is the feeling when you know what you’re selling is not helping people. Not all MLM programs sell pipe dreams but so many do.

If you promote one of those programs, deep down you know your business empire is nothing but a pipe dream for the next sucker. To recover this “investment”, they have to lure in other desperate souls. And so the cycle must repeat itself, time after time.

What you need is a change. A chance to conquer your limitations and build a sustainable online income by helping others in honest and practical ways.

If that is you, I highly recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a chance, today.

You will get all of the following for FREE by registering now:

  • Check their online training
  • Try out the amazing tools
  • Read personal experiences of real members
  • Use live chat to talk to members during the 7-days trial access
  • Find out for yourself if the program is TRULY worth it.

From my personal experience, I can guarantee you will be surprised by how down-to-earth, humble, and genuinely caring these people are.

3. Affiliate Marketing Expert

If you are an experienced online marketer, I guarantee you will fall in love with the warm friendly environment at Wealthy Affiliate as soon as you join the FREE membership.

It won’t take long before you upgrade to the Premium Membership to take all they have to offer. Yes, it’s that good!

To recap, here are some of the benefits for Premium members:

  • Free hosting for up to 50 websites
  • Daily dual-server backups to keep your data safe
  • Plugins and software for website safety and optimization
  • Over 4,000 WordPress themes to choose from
  • Free HTTPS installation and setup by default
  • And a lot more on top of these

If you add up the cost for all premium membership benefits, you’ll find it a bargain compared to paying for each benefit individually. Needless to say, you get way more than you pay for and that’s what makes it impossible to resist.

How do I know?
Because I also upgraded to premium membership.

I used to work full time in online advertisement for over 10 years. I helped my clients with things like running and optimizing online ad campaigns, monitoring their websites development process, and so on.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate in 2016, and I was convinced to upgrade to premium just after studying their 2 basic online training courses. I read the premium membership benefits and I upgraded to premium without a second thought.

The reason I upgraded so fast was because the WA Premium Membership promised to cover all of my learning needs through a careful design of online training courses. They also provided me with a business development platform most online marketer could only dream of.

All that at one FIXED PRICE. No hidden costs whatsoever.

I trusted them and they returned my trust by providing me with exactly what they promised. Once you consider all the benefits you get, the membership fee doesn’t look like much.