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Starting an online business is a long journey paved with bumpy roads. There will be times where you’ll struggle, stumble, and even fall. It is in these moments where a human connection can make all the difference.

In this post, we will discuss all the Coaching and Support opportunities offered by WA to help you succeed. From 24/7 support to a chance at coaching by the CEO himself, there’s a lot to cover so let’s get right into it.

Instant Human Support – Strong Community, Live Chat, Private Message 

Live chat is an active and interactive place to ask any questions about your online business apart from technical or hosting issues.

Wealthy Affiliate Worldwide Members

You can get help instantly and this is something I am truly amazed by. Members of Wealthy Affiliate community are all over the world, and that is the reason it never stops. They are so generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. 

They are not a bunch of greedy people who only care about earning money online for themselves. No, they genuinely care about each other’s success. 

 “Helping” each other succeed is a core value that both CEO Kyle and Carson treasure a lot. They have successfully created an atmosphere that inspires members to help each other out. Throughout the trainings, they often mention that a successful business is always about helping others in making the right decisions.

They truly embrace and act on this core value, as both of them are actively involved in the community. They are always publishing posts and giving updates on what’s NEW. You can even send a private message to both Kyle and Carson. You can always count on a human response from them.

Wealthy Affiliate Expert Coaching For Free

Premium members can join this privileged community and guide others via 24/7 live chat and support.

Free starter members can also enjoy the warm WA community experience in the first 7 days after signing up.

Premium IT Support by In-house Staff 

Wealthy Affiliate IT support team helps with all technical issues related to website hosting, such as Site Down, Page Errors, Plugins, Theme changes, Website Speed, Login issue, SSL Certifications, Website Restoration, Spam and Hacking. 

It runs 24/7/365 and the support team is directly employed by WA, unlike other companies that outsource to third parties with limited understanding of their business. The support team dives deep into the core issue and gets it fixed ASAP so your website won’t be down for long. 

Free of charge, highly professional, and a quick response – with an average time of less than 5 minutes – is what makes it awesome. Understandably, this is only available for premium members.

SiteComments and SiteFeedback – Unique Systems for Honest Feedback 

This is a unique Pay-Forward system, meaning that members pay “WA credit” to ask for feedback on their website, and members can earn “WA credit” directly by giving comments/feedback to other members. 

The basic idea of this comes from the “helping” value, by exchanging comments or feedback, we all learn how to improve and to grow.

Wealthy Affiliate have done a lot of work to prevent people from gaming the system with low quality comments/feedback to get undeserved credits. They are doing lots of work regularly to maintain a safe and honest environment for people to gain credit through a brilliant system. 

You can read the announcement from the CEO Kyle’s post about SiteComments, A Constant Focus on Improvemen

SUPER Affiliate Program – Free Coaching from the CEO for Real Success

Wealthy Affiliate started their annual mentoring program called “Super Affiliate Program” for affiliate marketers who promote WA membership.  The goal is to help the selected members to reach the 300 Premium Referral goal in a calendar year, in order to be invited to the WA incentive program called “WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference”.  This private conference is only for the 300-premium-referrals achievers as they get to meet the WA CEOs and other achievers during the conference. And all expenses are paid completely by Wealthy Affiliate. That means, it is completely FREE for those who are qualified to join! Super Wealthy AffiliateMembers can apply to join the program before the enrolment deadline, but only those who meet the criteria should enrol because otherwise your application will be rejected. The accepted participants will get personal mentorship from the CEO Kyle directly in this special program for FREE, which is a reward for their consistent hard work. The whole program, from application to the final trip to Las Vegas conference are FREE of charge! It is a great reward for those who work really hard. There are no restrictions so anyone can get it with enough hard work, which is very fair.

One Stop Platform to Research and Manage All Your Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate officially launched the Affiliate Program Platform in May 2019. 

Members can search and find relevant affiliate programs through this platform. They can also exchange reviews or feedback on any affiliate programs they’re involved with. Lastly, they can also follow and manage a list of programs they are interested in or involved with in one place. 

These helpful tools prove yet again their endless desire to pursue progress and provide a better solution for their members.

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