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Let’s continue our review of Wealthy Affiliate program with a focus on Simplicity and Transparency of their membership program when it comes to making money online. First question for almost all people would ask is, “What is the online earning money idea in Wealthy Affiliate and how to achieve it?” Another question that I get quite often is, “What is Wealthy Affiliate Membership?” So let’s talk about these two first. Then, I will show you the details about Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium Membership, so you can have thorough information when you want to make a choice.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Simple?

It is SIMPLE – 4 steps to Earn Money Online

The team behind Wealthy Affiliate promotes a simple step-by-step method of earning money online.

The whole method is divided into 4 simple steps, as illustrated by the following diagram.

4 simple steps to earn money online: step 1 choose an interest, step 2 build a website, step 3 get rankings and visitors step 4 earn revenue

The following 4 steps are basically what it all boils down to:

1). Choose an Interest – We all have something we’re passionate about. Find your niche and then stick to it.

What’s a niche you ask? It’s just a fancy word for a small but specific and well defined topic of your website. For example, your niche could be equipment for bodybuilding, essential oil meditation, cooking utensils or even ordinary item like pens! Anything you’re passionate about.

2). Build a Website – You obviously need a website in the first place to make any money off of it. This is where the Website Development tools together with the Domain and Hosting Solutions from Wealthy Affiliate outshine everyone else out there.

3). Get Rankings & Visitors – Great! After you set up your amazing website, then it is time to show it to your target audience from the rest of the world. 


By ranking your website content on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on for free or by their paid advertisements options.

You can also promote your website with the help of familiar online social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and many more. 

It may sound overwhelming with all these names, but don’t worry, it is not necessary to use all of them. Just follow the Online Training from Wealthy Affiliate or to pick the ones you’re already familiar with.

4). Earn Revenue – People are finally reading your content! You just got your first comment or maybe two. It is now time to monetize your website.


Your valuable content helps your reader solve problems they care about. You refer them to a shopping page with the solution through they clicked on the affiliate links in your website. Once they buy it, you get a commission from the vendor.

Like I said earlier, it really is a simple, step-by-step method. How’s that for a win-win situation!

No Magical Tricks

Do you see how simple the whole process is? There are no tricks, no shortcuts, and no secret knowledge that only the fortunate few know.

As an affiliate, your website is your “online shop”. I put that in quotes because unlike an actual shop, you don’t have to worry about keeping stock, handling inventory or expiry, or even dealing with any logistics or payment issues.

Instead, you simply recommend other people’s products to your audience. No more worrying about creating your own products. Even better, you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of handling any customers.


What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Transparent?

One of the things I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is how straightforward the membership program and the pricing is. You just have to pick from one of the following two options: 1). Starter FREE. NO Credit Card Required.  You heard that right! For a fantastic price of $0 dollars, you get access to all the basic tools with maximum 2 free domain websites, to get started at once. It is suitable for new beginners who weren’t sure if this is a well fit business for them but want to give it a try. 2). Premium – USD19 for the FIRST month, and then USD49/ month or USD495/ year The premium plan is a great option for those who are serious and determined, want everything this program has to offer. If you want the best tools along with the best resources to help you kickstart your affiliate website, this one is for you. For the USD495 yearly plan, it is not just to save you USD93, but at the same time, it comes with below several bonuses: • Free .com Domain (Value of USD14) • 100 community Credits • Bonus Live Class (AMA with Kyle, Succeeding in 2020) Want a comprehensive breakdown of everything each Membership Option offers? Check out the following table.  Click here for the details list of Premium members
Wealthy Affiliate Premium Offer

What Can You Do With Wealthy Affiliate Memberships?

A Wealthy Affiliate membership will help you learn and earn at the same time. If you’re someone who wants to grow beyond your traditional limits but don’t know how, the program will help you make the leap.

Wealthy Affiliate Members (both free and premium) can earn money online in two ways:

1). The Niche Site Route

As explained before, you can follow the 4-step plan to set up your own niche website.

You just pick a niche you’re passionate about, develop a website and then make money by recommending other people’s products through affiliate programs.

Can’t afford the Premium Membership? I’ve got some good news!

As a Free Starter member, you still get all the basic knowledge and tools to get your first online business up and running.

As a Premium Member, you can get all you need to run your online business website, include all online trainings and weekly live video class, 50 free websites and domain hosting, 24/7 community and technical support and much more.

There is a new section called “Affiliate Program Search” to help both types of members to find the right affiliate program to run their niche website. It is a great tools for any beginners to start their new affiliate business from scratch!

2). Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

Regardless of your membership, you can make money by referring people to the Wealthy Affiliate program. If that person upgrades to the Premium Membership, you automatically get a commission.

How much? That depends on your own membership option.

As a Free Starter Member, you will earn $4 for the first month special offer of $19. After that, you will earn either a commission of $11.75 monthly or $87.5 annually.

As a Premium Member, you will earn $8 for the first month special offer of $19. After that, you earn a commission of $23.5 monthly or $175 annually.

So basically, you get double the commission if you’re a Premium Member yourself.


Wealthy Affiliate: Free Vs Premium Membership

Whether you join as a free member or a premium one, you get access to world class training and tools as described in the membership table.

As a premium member myself since 2016, I have never had to pay them anything extra over the promised annual charges.

There are no sneaky upsells, down sells or any other nonsense “pay-to-unlock tools/ learning programs” usually associated with digital marketing products.

As a premium member, you will pay a fixed fee every month or every year. Nothing more, nothing less.

So for just under 50 dollars a month, you get access to foremost training and tools that can help you achieve your dream lifestyle. All that without ever compromising on your integrity. This is the reason I and most people I know joined for the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

With that being said, I understand many of you are restricted by limited resources. So fifty dollars every month could really mean a lot for you.

But maybe that’s not the case for some of you. You might spend so much money on unnecessary things that add up over time that you even don’t realize it. For example, think about the cable bill, the daily coffees, junk food and what have you. If you add all those up, the bill is probably a lot more than 50 dollars.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to setting your priorities right. You will still get results if you follow the process in the free membership. However, it will take a lot more time and effort when you don’t have the whole premium trainings and especially the comprehensive tools.

So, in short, you’re still paying regardless of which package you choose. The difference lies in the currency you’ll pay with. Be it a small amount of cash or a LOT of your time.

Conclusion: Simple, High Transparency Online Business Platform

So why do I recommend Wealthy Affiliates? Because it’s SIMPLE and TRUSTWORTHY.

They have done a great job at managing beginners’ expectations. They could have sold a boatload of copies by making false promises. I know other shady programs who have.

Instead, they kept everything simple but real and practical because they want to help people like yourself explore new opportunities in life. Better opportunities!

Here’s the real question though. What if you’re a beginner who knows nothing? Or what if you already have some experience with affiliate marketing? Will the online training by Wealthy Affiliate help you?

Find out right now by reading the next section here: Wealthy Affiliate Comprehensive Online Business Training.


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