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20 Jan 2022 Update: Outranking.io v7 is released today. Click here to see what’re the significant enhancements for this powerful AI SEO content editor.

Does Outranking.io Help Create Quality SEO-Ranking Content?

This Outranking review is co-written by a professional SEO writer and a business owner from their own experiences, NOT by robots. Read on to know more.

Outranking claims to help content writers and businesses to create SEO content super-fast. And, it has become popular, getting the attention of SEO writers and content creators. But, does this AI writing software worth investing in? Let’s find out in this Outranking.io review.

Unlike other Outranking.io reviews that focus only on showing its different features, this Outranking.io Review is co-written by two real users, sharing their experience and personal opinion on different Outranking features as an SEO writer and a business owner.

Outranking.io Review Average Rating – 4.86/5.00

In this Outranking.io review, we’ll rate the AI SEO writing software on 5 components that matter when creating content,

  • #1 Efficiency & Time Saving Capabilities – how much time does Outranking.io really saves me? —  4.90/5.00
  • #2 Comprehensive Tools for SEO Content Creation – does Outranking.io have all the tools I need to create high-quality SEO content? —  4.90/5.00
  • #3 User-Friendliness & Ease of Use – as someone who has never used an AI writing tool before, is it easy for me to learn how to use Outranking.io? —  4.50/5.00
  • #4 Flexible Pricing & Value for Money – do I really need the paid version of Outranking.io, or should I stick to the free plan? —  5.00/5.00
  • #5 Support & Integration Capabilities – is Outranking.io technical support team helpful and what integration does the tool support? —  5.00/5.00

Who are the co-writers of this Outranking.io review?

This Outranking.io review is co-written by Carmen and Yemi, both of whom need to create high-ranking SEO-content for the success of their business and career.

Outranking.io review - co-writer Carmen

Carmen is the owner of this website, with over a decade of online media and marketing experience.

Learn more about Carmen

Read her interview published on 11th November 2021 @ expat.com

Find Carmen @ LinkedIn

Outranking.io review - co-writer Yemi

Yemi is a professional content writer with 5+ years, creating SEO content including blog posts, long-form articles and web page content for a wide range of businesses.

This Blake Nubar Partner Program Review article she wrote for Open Up Opportunities is ranking on the first page of Google Search.

Find Yemi @ Fiverr


What is Outranking.io?

Outranking.io is a software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to research, write, and optimize content quickly and effectively for higher organic traffic.

That is, it helps create blog posts, long-form articles, and other website content that will rank high on search engine result pages (SERP), whether Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

This tool makes research easier and provides actionable insights, and step-by-step instructions on how to create SEO content.

What makes this Outranking.ai outstanding from other AI writing tools, is its research capability.

It identifies what keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitors’ content to help you improve yours and get more traffic.

The other cool research function is it uses the location and the language you set up to analyze the top 20 ranking websites on the search engine result page and provide you with high-ranking keywords to target.

I found that it is particularly useful for SEO writers who have an international customer base. This can help you to do a deep dive research without the limitation of where you are being different from the location of your SEO article’s target audience.

The other powerful research feature is it lists out the meta title, description, H1, H2 and H3 content from these top 20 results, to provide you with valuable insight on how these top-ranking website content and keywords are structured.

These are just a glimpse of the special features I love about Outranking.io. I will explain them in more detail, and even more features, in the following review sections.

After using Outranking.io, I can say that no matter what your experience level is, you can use this tool to write high-ranking SEO content.

Outranking.io review - real user comment - andylarder - new to AI and SEO blogging

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

Who Created Outranking.io and why is it important?

Is Natalie Luneva the creator of Outranking.io?

Contrary to most information out there, Natalie Luneva isn’t the only one behind Outranking.io.

Outranking.io was co-founded by Natalie Luneva, Pankil Shah, and Serkan Yumuask.

  • Natalie is a growth coach who helps founders get unstuck and clarify their marketing priorities;
  • Pankil is a marketing professional with experience driving conversion through effective content strategy;
  • Serkan is an SEO and search engine marketing expert who helps businesses improve their traffic and conversion.

Together with a team of professionals, these co-founders created Outranking.io to simplify the creation of SEO content for everyone.

Their goal is to enable enterprises and content creators to consistently create high-ranking content to generate long-term ROI, while saving up to 65% time on content creation.

What’s more, they are continuously updating the Outranking software in response to user needs to make it easier and faster to create high-quality SEO content regularly. This is important, as it shows this software company does care about their product and their customers.

You can check here for the several latest release details,

Outranking.io V5 release on August 10, 2021

Outranking.io V6 release on September 23, 2021

Outranking.io Features Highlight

Outranking is an all-in-one solution for creating SEO-optimized content.

It isn’t just an artificial intelligence writing software like Jasper.ai, but has several number of inbuilt tools to meet your SEO content writing needs.

In addition to the AI GPT-3 writer, you’ll get tools for keyword research, SERP analysis, Meta tags, H-tags, and more.

• AI Writing – GPT-3

Outranking’s AI GPT-3 tool helps you

  1. 1write fresh content, and
  2. 2) rewrite existing content.

The Concept feature scans high-ranking Google pages to provide the right information that the AI uses to write the content.

Tip: Watching the AI tool generate content at a click of a button can be fascinating. Don’t get carried away, as the tool consumes a lot of AI characters. These are the number of characters the AI uses to create content.

Outranking.io review - real user comment - jordi-torrijos-concept feature

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

• Keyword Research

With Outranking.io you don’t need to use a separate keyword tool, as it can help you find keywords with organic traffic potential.

It also finds gaps in keywords used in your competitor’s content that you can take the opportunity of to rank your article.

• SERP Analysis

This tool analyzes keywords and phrases your competitors are using in their content to rank high on SERP.

It also provides information on “People Also Ask” and “Related Questions” which you can use in your content to improve SEO.

• Meta Tags Writing

Outranking helps you create the meta tags for your article, which are important for SEO.

It generates a meta title and meta description optimized with the right keywords to improve your ranking opportunity.

• Headings Tags (H-tags)

Outranking assigns H1, H2 and H3 tags to headings and subheadings when it creates your content outline.

These help Google search bots to identify what your article is about and the keywords it should rank for on search pages.

• SEO Scoring Tool

Outranking scores the chances of your content ranking on search engine pages over 100.

However, this does not mean that the content you create must score a perfect 100 to rank high. Some content with lower score rank higher. Still, aim for nothing less than a 60% score.

• Existing Web Page Optimization

Beyond creating a fresh SEO content in Outranking, the software also helps optimize existing web content.

All you have to do is input the web page link, and Outranking will import it into its editor. Then, you can use its various tools to optimize the content.

Outranking.io review - real user comment - super-sumoling quality seo ai writer

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

OUTRANKING.IO REVIEW SECTION 2 – Ratings based on Personal Experience

So, Does Outranking Really Help To Write High-Ranking SEO Articles?

Since you’re reading this review article, you’re probably wondering, “Does Outranking.io live up to the hype for writing quality SEO content?”

It’s natural to ask this question when a new tool comes out on the market. People are cautious and don’t want to waste money and time on a new tool, and then find out that it doesn’t meet their needs.

Well, we have written this Outranking Review article to help you decide if the tool is for you.

Unlike other review articles that only talk about the Outranking.io features, we will be rating the software based on five components that will matter to you as the user.

In this article, we will be reviewing the benefits of Outranking.io based on our experiences as a business owner, digital media marketing guru, and professional SEO writer, online content creator, as well as other real users’ experiences with the software.

So, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • How much content creation time does Outranking save you?
  • Does Outranking provide all the tools needed to create an SEO article?
  • Is Outranking easy to use to create content and optimize for SEO?
  • Are the Outranking pricing plans flexible and provide value for money?

At the end of the review, you will know, from real users’ perspectives, if Outranking.io can help you to create SEO content fast and the quality of writing to expect, so you can make an informed and wise decision whether to or not to try it out.

#1 Outranking.io Efficiency & Time Saving Capabilities – Rating: 4.9/5.00

How Much Content Creation Time Does Outranking Save You?

The most stressful thing about content creation is the time it takes. Often, we spend hours creating an outline, then a couple of days researching and writing the content.

So, when we read that Outranking.io cuts content creation time by up to 65%, we couldn’t wait to try it out.

How did it go?

Outline Generation Feature Generates Content Outlines 10x Faster

Well, we created the meta title and description, and generated an outline for a test article in under ten minutes.


All we did was just click Generate Title/Description/Outline, and it instantly created a great outline list to select from.

Thus, the claim that Outranking.io helps write articles and blog posts efficiently by generating content outlines 10X faster is very true. Outranking.io review - real user comment - sumo-ling amazing tool for article outlines

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

• GPT-3 artificial intelligence tool writes content 5X faster than writing manually

Next, I generated concepts and content for each topic outline, also at the click of a button.

In terms of accuracy, I found some of the outline and content it created were out of context. And this is the reason I don’t give it the 5 full-score.

But I guess it depends on the topic you want to write on though. If there’s enough information on the topic on the internet already, especially the top 20 ranking result, it would be more accurate.

When I wrote this review post, there were not much written content related to “outranking.io” on search results, hence a lot of the content was out of context.

So, this was the “most time-consuming” part for me. I had to spend some time rewriting or deleting them.

Nevertheless, it only took a couple of minutes to do so.

• Top 20 SERP Analysis Feature Saves Valuable Research Time

I didn’t have to do any time-consuming research using Google Search, as Outranking analyzed the top 20 content on SERPs and used it to create the content for me automatically.

Additionally, I went on to use the Research tool to carry out some extra manual research quickly.

Outranking.io review - Top 20 SERP research tool

screenshot from using outranking.io Research function

Instead of searching Google and jumping from one website page to the other looking for credible information, this Top 20 SERP Analysis feature helped me find and organized quality research materials. So, I had all the extra information I needed handy, saving me a significant amount of time.

• Outranking.io double (or even triple) productivity for content creation

Overall, I can agree that Outranking does help create content five times faster than writing manually. It especially saves me time on the outline and concept creation, and the research front.

Bottom line? The time I would spend writing one article would surely be used to create two, or even three, with Outranking.io.

But that’s not all.

• Powerful SERP Analysis tool and SEO Score feature improve SEO writing effectiveness and efficiency

Beyond helping me to create content faster, Outranking.io also helped me save time with search engine optimization (SEO).

With the inbuilt SERP Analysis tool and SEO Score feature, I didn’t have to waste time and invest extra money conducting SEO analysis on a separate software.

Outranking also enabled me to find and use high-frequency keywords that were used in published content currently ranking high on search result pages.

I can easily study how my high-ranking competitors use short and long-tail keywords, and structure their writing to create a better SEO content and structure strategy that would improve my SEO writing quality.

I think this is a very valuable feature for any SEO writer, whether you are a newbie or a veteran, to create a high-quality SEO article efficiently and effectively.

Want to test how Outranking.io saves time yourself? Grab a free account here!

Outranking.io review - real user comment - super-sumoling quality seo ai writer

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

Want to test how Outranking.io saves time yourself? Grab a free account here!

#2 Outranking.io Comprehensive Tools For SEO Content Creation Rating: 4.90/5.00

Does Outranking.io provide everything a SEO content writer needs to create content?

I must confess that Outranking list of tools is a dream come true for me. I mean, it has everything I could ever need to create SEO content, at least theoretically. However, practically, not all the tools worked as well as I imagined.

The good and the not so good Outranking.io features are:

?  The Meta Tags Writing feature is amazing. It’s the first thing the tool helped me write, and it generated several meta titles and description for me to choose from.

?  Next is the H-tags feature that creates H2 and H3 outlines. It is pretty easy to use and enables the fast creation and arrangement of outlines to improve SEO.

?  Now, the AI GPT-3 Writing Tool is also great, but mostly for concept generation. For content writing, I find that it creates short content at a time. I had to click several times to create a sizable paragraph for each concept, which consumes AI characters.

Also, I had to spend some time doing some manual writing/rewriting.

Outranking.io review - sections outline concept screenshot

?  Fortunately, the Research feature came in handy here. All I had to do is click on research to view the content on the top-ranking pages and then write.

Outranking.io review - Research feature screenshot

?  Then, the SERP Analysis Tool. It did a good job of grabbing and analyzing the top ranking content on search result and provided me with relevant keywords. It also provided vital information about them, such as domain authority and number of backlinks.

?  Finally, the SEO Scoring Tool gave me an idea of how optimized my content was.

?  And, I loved the indication bar that informs me if each SEO feature is great.

So, as you see, Outranking.io does have many specific features and tools for SEO content creation, which are really great! Even though it’s not perfect, it deserves a 4.9 out of 5 rating.

#3 Outranking.io User-Friendliness & Ease of Use Rating: 4.50/5.00

Is Outranking user-friendly? Is the software easy to use?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

Why Yes? Simple And Clean Interface With Step-By-Step Guiding Process

Yes, Outranking.io is user-friendly because it allowed me to create high-quality SEO article. It has a simple user interface that’s easy to understand without being an SEO expert or even a professional writer.

Inside the “Content creation” interface is an 11-step SEO content optimization guide.

As you can see from the screenshot, it guided me with step-by-step instructions on how to create SEO-optimized content using the software.

Outranking.io review - step by step instructions screenshot

And it gives detailed instruction for each step; what the step is about, what you should do, and a simple call to action button at the end. It also provides CTR improvement suggestions for some of the relevant steps.

It is a great reminder for an experienced writer like me, and I believe for newbie writers too.

The right side of the “content editor” gives you the overview of “SEO Score” as well as a straightforward indicator for each writing step. The indicator lets you know if the step “Needs Improvement”, “Good Enough”, or “Great”, which helps you determine if your content writing is progressing nicely.

Outranking.io review - real user comment - Victor Lake guideline-step by step

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

Why Yes? Easy To Collaborate With Teams And Clients

Yes again, because Outranking.io enables collaboration between teams and clients.

You can easily give access to the content you’re creating in Outranking to team members and clients, as well as decide whether they can just view or edit the content.

Outranking.io review - Share Document screenshot

You can also assign each of the user access for a specific number of Documents and AI characters, which enable you to easily allocate tasks and resources among your team members.

Outranking.io review - Assign Limits screenshot

Why No? Steep learning curve before you master the tool

However, I say No because Outranking.io has a steep learning curve.

It took me a while to understand how some features work. If you’re used to more intuitive tools, then you may have some challenges to master it during the learning process.

All the self-help “Resources” are on their main website. I think it would make more sense and be more convenient if it is inside the tool. It did take me a while to find out where the “Documentation” was located.

There also lack of “pop up info boxes” to give explanation for some features and terms inside the software. I imagine some terms may confuse SEO newbie writers, it may take a while to figure out how to use some features.

For example, in the SERP Analysis tool, the terms “DA, PA, Backlinks, No-Follow, Do-Follow,” and what their ratings mean.

Even though there’s a specific topic in the “Documentation” and in the video tutorial explaining them all, I do think adding the “pop up info box” directly inside the software would help to minimize the learning curve.

But for any experience SEO writer like me, it is not a problem at all, but rather very valuable and handy information.

Overall, when you get the hang of it, it’s almost as easy as a drag and drop feature.

All you have to do is click to generate content and then rewrite.

Solution – Regular Updated Versions To Improve Outranking.io For Users

Fortunately, the Outranking.io team is thoughtful and really cares about user experience. They listen to users’ feedback to update the tool to meet users’ needs, and are constantly releasing updated versions with new features that compete with their competitors.

For example, as I am preparing this review, they just released v6. And after I read what is new in this new v6 release blog post, I think the learning curve should be less steep.

Just take one of the improvements they have in this v6 is a small step in function – the AI Wizard.

In the past when you create a new SEO document, after you input several basic setting information (e.g. Search Query, Title, location, language), it directly jumped into the “Editor” full interface.

Outranking.io review - editor old interface screenshot
Outranking.io previous Editor interface screenshot before V6

Now, with the AI Wizard, it takes up the whole view the first time you enter the editor.

Outranking.io review - AI Wizard new interface screenshot

Outranking.io V6 new interface AI Wizard first step screenshot

This helps you to be more focused on taking one step at a time during the whole work flow – from “keyword research” step to “outline structure” step, then finally you can start to write the content.

Outranking.io review - AI Wizard last step new interface screenshot

Outranking.io V6 new interface AI Wizard last step screenshot

It minimizes the overwhelming feeling that directly jumping into the full function “Editor” interface brings, especially as a new user.

And besides this AI Wizard, they also had several big improvements on this v6 release.

You can read the V6 release full details here if you want to know more.

To sum up, besides the inconvenience of the resource’s location and the steep learning curve, I still think that Outranking.io is a user-friendly AI writing tool, specific for SEO content creation. So, I give this part a 4.5 out of 5.

Also, since I’ve started to learn and use it before this V6 release, so, I cannot go back to experience how the learning curve looks like now.

So, that means my experience is based on the older version of Outranking.io, which you may have to take into consideration on the improvement of the learning curve.

#4 Outranking.io Flexible Pricing & Value for Money Rating: 5.00/5.00

How much does Outranking.io cost? Are the pricing plans flexible and provides value for money?

Do I really need the paid version of Outranking.io, or should I stick to the free plan?

I’ll have to say an emphatic yes.

Outranking offers a FREE plan, three pricing plans, and two add-ons.

With the free plan, I was able to create two SEO documents and there was just enough AI characters to write a short blog post. You can get started with the free plan here without adding credit card.

outranking.io free sign up

Then, I decided to subscribe for a paid plan.

As you can see in the image below, the three pricing plans only differ in three features –

1. the number of SEO documents you can create

2. SERP Analysis you can perform

3. Number of users

From the looks of it, the pricing provides value for money, as each plan offers all the necessary features needed to create SEO content, and one can choose depending on the number of content to be created.

Outranking.io review - outranking.io plans comparison

So, I opted for the Growth plan, as I don’t usually write more than 30 articles per month. However, I also had to purchase AI characters add-on, as I exhausted the one that came with the plan while learning how to use the tool.

Outranking uses AI characters to write and rewrite content. If you run out of AI characters on your free or pricing plan, you can pay for the AI-character add-on subscription.

I love this because it provides flexibility.

Outranking.io review - outranking.io AI Character Add-on Subscription screenshot

What’s more, upgrading your plans in the middle of a current plan is flexible.

Say, you initially paid for the Starter Plan and want to upgrade to the Growth Plan a couple of days in.

You don’t have to pay the full price for the Growth Plan. Instead, the pricing will be adjusted to the upgraded plan and you’ll only pay the difference in the price of both plans.

Is it worth it to get the paid version? Outranking.io Free plan vs Paid Plan


If you create at least one long-form article or blog post monthly, then you definitely need the paid version – at least the Starter plan. This is because the free plan will only enable you to create only two very short blog posts monthly.

And for me, the $39/month is worth it. Just the comprehensive keywords research and SERP Analysis features make Outranking priceless; saving me time and providing great value.

Outranking.io review - real user comment - sumo-ling 123

Outranking.io real user’s comment from internet

Want to test how Outranking.io saves time yourself? Grab a free account here!

#5 Outranking.io Support & Integration Capabilities Rating: 5.00/5.00

Will you get quick support if you have issues using Outranking.io? 

Yes, Outranking has great support capabilities.  

• Great variety of self-help online resources

When I was trying to figure out how to use the tool, I found numerous resources on the Outranking.io website, including videosdocumentations, and replays of the weekly webinars the company hosts.

There were also several videos on YouTube, both on the company’s channel and other users’ channels.

Personally, I found the users’ videos more helpful and practical than the official tutorial as they are short or and not very details.

• Quick-response official and social media community support

Besides self-help resources, Outranking.io provides a couple of interactive ways to support their users. When you send a query to support@outranking.io, you’ll get a response within 24 hours during business days.

Also, there’s an active Facebook community where the co-founders are active and respond to members’ queries. It is a great place to interact with other users and get practical solutions from their experiences.

• Regular Outranking.io Weekly online webinar – live!

Outranking hosts a live online webinar twice weekly – every Tuesday for the platform walkthrough and every Thursday for more advanced usage of the tool. It is free for everyone and they are committed to hosting the webinars live weekly.

You can register a free spot here and see how it is.

(previous review comment: Why not rate Outranking.io 5-star for their support?

The only thing preventing me from giving them the full 5-star rating, is the lack of live chat or phone support.

Even though there are many ways to self-learn and get help online (through their online form or email and through the Facebook community), I still think that it would be helpful to talk to someone instantly to solve the problem I have during my writing process.

However, I think it is quite a common situation for most new startup. I expect them to expand their support capability to provide live chat and phone call in the future as the company grows, just like other established software companies.

I will be sure to update this post when that day comes.)

• Amazing support improvement! Outranking.io newly added live chat which changes my rating from 4.7 to 5.0! Updated in 2022.

Originally my rating for this section was 4.7 because they lacked live chat. But just recently, this functionality has been added! Woohoo! Just like what I expected! The live chat is a mixture of bot and human support. And the response time is pretty fast.

Outranking.io review - outranking.io live chat supoort screenshot
You can try it out yourself, it is fun too! Ask Outranking question now.

• What Integrations Does Outranking.io Support?

Outranking supports 3 major common integrations:

  • WordPress,
  • Google Docs
  • Grammarly

This means that I can import and export documents to Google Docs, work with my team as a shared doc, as well as publish my content as draft to my WordPress website – making editing and publishing easier for me.

It is also compatible with the Grammarly plugin, which help me to spot any careless mistakes easily.

And it is greatly helpful for non-native English speaker to write with confidence by using Grammarly as a tool to spot and correct any grammatical error that they may not able to spot and know how to correct them.

As you can see the outranking.io supports are abundant and comprehensive, and so it really deserves a full rating of 5.00/5.00!

Final Thoughts – Outranking.io Review Conclusion: Is Outranking.io Worth Buying For SEO Content Writing?

After using and reviewing Outranking.io, my answer is “Yes, it’s worth buying.”

Outranking.io does what it claims – it helps research, write and optimize content faster, and assists you to write SEO content that ranks with ease.

With Outranking, you don’t have to stare at a blank document wondering where to start writing from. The AI Wizard and Concept features will provide endless content ideas and the right workflow to follow.

With outranking.io, now you can spend much less time conducting thorough research and keywords analysis with real-time data, before even starting the writing process. And, you can be confident that the final piece of writing is competitive enough to rank high on search result pages.

Try Outranking.io for Free to write your SEO content that rank!

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  1. Leahrae

    Wow, seriously looks like something that I would love to use.  And I can try it out for free.  I like that.  I hate it when you have to pay for something like this, only to find out that it just isn’t something you can use.  And it appears there are so many things that Ai Articla Writer can do for you.  I’m giving it a try!

    1. Carmen

      Hi Leahrae, thanks for the comment. Yes, it is definitely a game-changer for those who need their website written content to rank high! They’ve just released outranking.io v7, with a better interface, UI and much enhanced functionality, you may want to check it out here: https://bit.ly/outranking_v7

  2. Minjun Kim

    I am currently using another platform of writing.
    It is provided simply as an overview of a topic or a short phrase composition, but it is interesting that in the case of out-ranking, the most difficult analysis is possible. I will try the test version first and then review the paid version. Thanks for the good review.

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    Hello Carmen,

    To be honest, I hope one day find the product that write every post I think about in the second such as magic want so it save my time and help me earn more money.

    I will see this application and give it a try and then I will come back and tell you what I got. If it really works for my business, I promise that I will get this application via your link.

    Have nice day.

  4. Aubin Tshiyole


    This is an interesting thorough review. I think I have to try it and see how it works. But, I know for sure the free one has limited features since it is for free. My question is: For how long you can use the free version before you upgrade to any other version? – I have booked the page for a second reading.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Carmen

      Hi Aubin,

      Thanks for the comment.

      The free version is 7 days. I have a step by step user guide for anytime who join the outarnking.io through my link, because I found that it does take time to get used to this new tool, even you have experience on using other ai worrying tools.

      By the way, they are going to announce an Outranking.io version 7, this will be another big improvement of the platform. I’ll update the post once I got the insider’s update from them. 

      Maybe it’s worth to wait the new version release and try it out.

      stay tune.


  5. Jannette

    I need help writing my content & outranking my competition and have checked out AI Article writer. The features offered lured me in and I tried the program with the help of your review. After researching and reviewing similar programs I am going to subscribe to the writing service. Thanks for your help and will be sharing your review with my followers. 

    1. Carmen

      Hi Jannette, Thank you and glad to know my review is helpful for you. This is really a great one for SEO intent copy-writing. Still, personal effort is still needed to structure and write the article well, I love outranking.io simply it helps me to get much more analytical insight on the targeted keywords during my writing process. It did took me a while to manage how to use this tool though. 🙂

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