Blake Nubar Blake's Partner Program Full Review

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First published on 14th October, 2021
Last update: 8th April, 2021

Blakes Partner Program Review Introduction

What is this Blakes Partner Program Review All About?

Blakes Partner Program is a ready to run and highly-profitable online business model. It claims that anyone can clone and run it easily. Blake Nubar Partner Program allows you to rebrand and resell Blake Nubar’s proven-to-work Social Media Lead Machine digital product and his sales funnel that works for any business in any niche.
In this Blakes Partnership Program Full Review, you will learn from the sharing of real partners’ experiences and case studies to know if this is a truly easy-to-set-up and highly-profitable online business? How come this model can work for anyone? What’s the actual setup fee and monthly running cost? When do the partners start to gain profit?
This Blake Nubar Partnership Program Full Review will give you a comprehensive insight to make a wise decision. To seriously study all the pros and cons from real users’ points of view for this profitable and low-risk online business, you may even want to grab a pen and paper to jot some notes.
Let’s start with the program’s basic overview.

Blakes Partner Program Basic Overview

Program Name: Blakes Partner Program (AKA Blake Partner Program, Blake Nubar Partner Program, Blake Nubar Partnership Program or Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program)
Program Owner: Blake Nubar
Program Launch Year: January 2020
Program Website: Blake Partner Program Registration

Who It’s For (Target Audience): People who want to run a low-risk but high-conversion online business, or who want to earn passive income from home, but don’t have their own products or services to sell.

Blakes Partner Program Review Items and Rating

– Overall Rating 4.84 out of 5 ★★★★★

⦁ #1 Business Investment Description Accuracy & Transparency: Rating 4.7 out of 5

#2 Sustainability & Reliability of Income Source: Rating 5 out of 5

⦁ #3 Beginner-friendliness Business Model Set Up: Rating 5 out of 5

⦁ #4 Seamless Support and Efficient Response: Rating 4.5 out of 5

⦁ #5 Profitability of Business Model: Rating 5 out of 5

If you’ve read my previous post about the Blake Nubar Partnership Program , then you already know what this make money online program is about. 

Or if you don’t know much about this program, you can click here to watch the free training.

So, in this post, I’ll be reviewing and rating the Blake Nubar partnership program according to the above five main items. The review and ratings are based on my own experience as Blake’s partner, and my research and interview with real users, to give you a thorough review instead of information limited by my own personal view.

🧐 Is the Blake Nubar Partnership Program a scam?

🧐 Is selling his digital product “Social Media Lead Machine” easy and profitable?

🧐 Or, is it all hype?

Let’s find out!

#1 Business Investment Description Accuracy and Transparency – 4.7/5

Rating 4.7 Out Of 5 ★★★★★

Are there any hidden costs behind the Blake Nubar Partnership Program?
Is what you see truly what you get?
Well, the short answer is, the Blake Nubar Partner Program is very transparent and what it says it offers is what you get.

You pay and get what it says, and even more…

With a one-time payment of $997 or a two-time payment of $597, you’ll get Blake’s digital product white-label license and a business partnership with him. Here what’s included initially:

⦁ Funnel Launch Masterclass ($997 Value)
⦁ $1k Per Day Sales Funnel ($14,997 Value)
⦁ An Entire Digital Products Suites ($9,997 Value)
⦁ 17 Profit-Boosting Emails ($4,997 Value)
⦁ Facebook Ads Arbitrage ($4,497 Value)
⦁ VIP Access to All Upgrades (Priceless)
⦁ Private Partners Facebook Group (Priceless) 

On top of that, you’ll also get additional bonuses for FREE that will help you become a seasoned digital entrepreneur, if you join with my link here.

Immediately you pay for the Partnership Program, you’ll get them all, and you can start selling right away.
The Blake Nubar Program itself does not upsell you on any additional products nor have any hidden charges. 

According to my personal and other real user’s experience, I can confirm that there are only two price tags – the one time $997 payment and the $597 2-time payment. No Hidden Costs. No Further Unlocked Secrets Cost.


So, If There’s No Further Hidden Upsell, Why Am I Not Giving It A 5-Star Rating?

Well, the reason is, the actual running cost of this partnership business is more than the price tag stated.

Like any business, you need to pay for a platform and other mini side costs to run it. Likened to the rent you pay to a landlord for a physical shop or office, and the electricity bill for running a traditional business. 

In the case of running the Blake’s Partner Program, you need a domain (your website address) and a funnel builder (the program uses ClickFunnelsto get it up and running, which are not provided by his company. This part of the running cost is not mentioned in the Blake’s Partner Program webinar nor the business introduction page before making a purchase. 

I guess Blake assumed everyone should know this kind of basic online business running cost, so he didn’t mention that it isn’t part of the Partner’s Program package. But for newbies, it would be helpful to mention these costs so that they can have a real full picture of the total least investment needed to run this new online business.

Okay, How Much Is This Extra Cost? Can I Not Use It?

💰 Website Domain Cost – $11.99/ year

For the domain name registration and owning, it could cost you around $11.99 a year or more, depending on the popularity of your desired domain name and where you register it. 

The platform in Blake Nubar’s partner program is, which is not mandatory for you to use. There are many other domain name registration service providers in the market you can use, but GoDaddy is one of the most world-known companies for doing so.

💰Funnel Builder Cost – $97/ month

There are many choices of funnel builders in the market with varied prices. The platform that Blake uses in the Partner Program is