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Blakes Partner Program Review Introduction

What is this Blakes Partner Program Review All About?

Blakes Partner Program is a ready to run and highly-profitable online business model. It claims that anyone can clone and run it easily. Blake Nubar Partner Program allows you to rebrand and resell Blake Nubar’s proven-to-work Social Media Lead Machine digital product and his sales funnel that works for any business in any niche.
In this Blakes Partnership Program Full Review, you will learn from the sharing of real partners’ experiences and case studies to know if this is a truly easy-to-set-up and highly-profitable online business? How come this model can work for anyone? What’s the actual setup fee and monthly running cost? When do the partners start to gain profit? 
This Blake Nubar Partnership Program Full Review will give you a comprehensive insight to make a wise decision. To seriously study all the pros and cons from real users’ points of view for this profitable and low-risk online business, you may even want to grab a pen and paper to jot some notes. 
Let’s start with the program’s basic overview.

Blakes Partner Program Basic Overview

Program Name: Blakes Partner Program (AKA Blake Partner Program, Blake Nubar Partner Program, Blake Nubar Partnership Program or Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program)
Program Owner: Blake Nubar
Program Launch Year: January 2020
Program Website: Blake Partner Program Registration

Who It’s For (Target Audience): People who want to run a low-risk but high-conversion online business, or who want to earn passive income from home, but don’t have their own products or services to sell.

Blakes Partner Program Review Items and Rating

– Overall Rating 4.84 out of 5 ★★★★★

⦁ #1 Business Investment Description Accuracy & Transparency: Rating 4.7 out of 5

#2 Sustainability & Reliability of Income Source: Rating 5 out of 5

⦁ #3 Beginner-friendliness Business Model Set Up: Rating 5 out of 5

⦁ #4 Seamless Support and Efficient Response: Rating 4.5 out of 5

⦁ #5 Profitability of Business Model: Rating 5 out of 5

If you’ve read my previous post about the Blake Nubar Partnership Program , then you already know what this make money online program is about. 

Or if you don’t know much about this program, you can click here to watch the free training.

So, in this post, I’ll be reviewing and rating the Blake Nubar partnership program according to the above five main items. The review and ratings are based on my own experience as Blake’s partner, and my research and interview with real users, to give you a thorough review instead of information limited by my own personal view.

🧐 Is the Blake Nubar Partnership Program a scam?

🧐 Is selling his digital product “Social Media Lead Machine” easy and profitable?

🧐 Or, is it all hype?

Let’s find out!

#1 Business Investment Description Accuracy and Transparency – 4.7/5

Rating 4.7 Out Of 5 ★★★★★

Are there any hidden costs behind the Blake Nubar Partnership Program?
Is what you see truly what you get?
Well, the short answer is, the Blake Nubar Partner Program is very transparent and what it says it offers is what you get.

You pay and get what it says, and even more…

With a one-time payment of $997 or a two-time payment of $597, you’ll get Blake’s digital product white-label license and a business partnership with him. Here what’s included initially:

⦁ Funnel Launch Masterclass ($997 Value)
⦁ $1k Per Day Sales Funnel ($14,997 Value)
⦁ An Entire Digital Products Suites ($9,997 Value)
⦁ 17 Profit-Boosting Emails ($4,997 Value)
⦁ Facebook Ads Arbitrage ($4,497 Value)
⦁ VIP Access to All Upgrades (Priceless)
⦁ Private Partners Facebook Group (Priceless) 

On top of that, you’ll also get additional bonuses for FREE that will help you become a seasoned digital entrepreneur, if you join with my link here.

Immediately you pay for the Partnership Program, you’ll get them all, and you can start selling right away.
The Blake Nubar Program itself does not upsell you on any additional products nor have any hidden charges. 

According to my personal and other real user’s experience, I can confirm that there are only two price tags – the one time $997 payment and the $597 2-time payment. No Hidden Costs. No Further Unlocked Secrets Cost.


So, If There’s No Further Hidden Upsell, Why Am I Not Giving It A 5-Star Rating?

Well, the reason is, the actual running cost of this partnership business is more than the price tag stated.

Like any business, you need to pay for a platform and other mini side costs to run it. Likened to the rent you pay to a landlord for a physical shop or office, and the electricity bill for running a traditional business. 

In the case of running the Blake’s Partner Program, you need a domain (your website address) and a funnel builder (the program uses ClickFunnelsto get it up and running, which are not provided by his company. This part of the running cost is not mentioned in the Blake’s Partner Program webinar nor the business introduction page before making a purchase. 

I guess Blake assumed everyone should know this kind of basic online business running cost, so he didn’t mention that it isn’t part of the Partner’s Program package. But for newbies, it would be helpful to mention these costs so that they can have a real full picture of the total least investment needed to run this new online business.

Okay, How Much Is This Extra Cost? Can I Not Use It?

💰 Website Domain Cost – $11.99/ year

For the domain name registration and owning, it could cost you around $11.99 a year or more, depending on the popularity of your desired domain name and where you register it. 

The platform in Blake Nubar’s partner program is, which is not mandatory for you to use. There are many other domain name registration service providers in the market you can use, but GoDaddy is one of the most world-known companies for doing so.

💰Funnel Builder Cost – $97/ month

There are many choices of funnel builders in the market with varied prices. The platform that Blake uses in the Partner Program is ClickFunnels, which costs $97/month.

So, if you already have a ClickFunnels account beforehand, this won’t count as an additional cost. However, if you don’t already have a ClickFunnels account, this is an additional cost to run the business.

Also, if you have other funnel builder platforms, such as GrooveFunnels and Kartra, you can use it in place of ClickFunnels. There are people who have set up the partnership program with other funnel builders successfully. 

Still, besides Blake using it, I also would highly recommend you use ClickFunnels, as a real user of the partnership program.

This is because the already done-for-you funnel available in the Blake’s Partner Program is made with ClickFunnels. So, the funnel is directly implemented into yours without doing any additional work. This saves you tons of time and effort doing the first time set up when you use the assigned platform.

Final Thought

In summary, the Blake’s Partner program is very transparent with what it offers. Nevertheless, I rate the transparency feature a 4.7 only because the program doesn’t list these additional essential investment costs, which are not charged by them.

I know I am picky, but it would be better to put a little remark saying that,

*A funnel builder cost and a domain registration fee are required but not included in the program. ClickFunnels is recommended but not mandatory.

Just like you could often read,

“Battery *Not included” listed in the package of electronic products.

In any case, despite this minute oversight, the Blake Nubar Partner Program is a genuine business program that’s worth trusting.

#2 Sustainability & Reliability of Income Source – 5/5

Rating 5 Out Of 5 ★★★★★

Before diving into any new business, you want to know if it is reliable for bringing you a stable profit.
You don’t want to commit financially to a project, only for it to get tanked, and you lose your source of income just after a few weeks. 

Well, for the Blake Nubar Partner Program, you can trust that your investment will yield returns consistently, for a long time, if you follow the instructions strictly.

Is it profitable, and how profitable is it?

Many users, including myself and several real users I interviewed, have experienced great success with the Blake Nubar Partner program, as you can see in the testimonial images below. So yes, you can make sales and earn from the program.

Though for Blake and his team, it is a $500/day potential earning online business, there’s no fixed or standard answer to how much money you will earn and how soon you are going to start earning. 

As the typical disclaimer you probably already know goes – we all are different in terms of experience, skills, background, the time and effort we’re willing to commit, and so on. Thus no one is going to dare to guarantee a specific earning for this program.

Nonetheless, one thing I know for sure is, you’re not going to earn anything if no action is taken. Even if you are receiving this low-risk and highly converting program for free, without the effort and self-discipline to follow the successful formula, this stable passive income source generated on auto-pilot just won’t come in. 

However, if you follow the rules and keep on fine-tuning to fit in your target market, and put in the hard work and discipline that you should, then you will start to earn a stable profit for a long time.

What makes this Passive income source possible?

Well, first of all, you have to understand what high-quality leads mean for businesses.

A lead is a person (or company) that has shown a certain extent of interest in the products/ services provided by a business. Hence, efficient lead generation is a constant basic demand in any traditional and online business to grow their customers and profit. And, the higher the quality of leads, the higher the conversion rates.

The Blake Partnership Program itself and also the white-label product, “Social Media Lead Machine,” that you are going to rebrand and sell both provide a long-term lead generation solution at low cost and on autopilot. It truly helps you and your customers get free traffic from social media, here’s what customers are saying:

And, as I mentioned in my previous post , the Social Media Lead Machine can work in any niche, which means you will have an unlimited source of potential customers to target.

Once you master your target niche and reach $10k sales, the system will allow you to create another niche to clone the same business model. Or, if you don’t want to wait, you can simply buy another partner program license to repeat the same earning process for another target niche, thereby opening up even more multiple opportunities for your income streams.

The possibilities are just infinite.

#3 Beginner-Friendliness Business Model Set Up – 5/5

Rating 5 Out Of 5 ★★★★★

The Blake’s partner program is relatively straightforward to set up and navigate, so you don’t need any special skills to begin. It can be summarized into 3 simple steps: 
Blake Nubar Partner Program - How Does It Work-1-Choose A Niche
Blake Nubar Partner Program - How Does It Work-2-Create Your Brand
Blake Nubar Partner Program - How Does It Work-3-Drive Traffic

Blake called it completely beginner-friendly, which is true. Inside the program, Blake shows you in a full set of video demonstrations every single action you have to take to set up this online business.

The instruction is well-organized, structured, and easy to follow.

From my personal experience, during the whole process, I just felt like Blake is sitting with me side-by-side hand-in-hand to go through each step of the set up. I could pause the video or go back and repeat as many times as I wanted at my pace, until I got the job done.

There are also many testimonials from other real users stating the same experience. Thus, as a beginner in the world of online sales funnels creation, you do not need to get worried or be scared of starting. The training videos are very hands-on, showing you what to do step-by-step.

Blake's Partner Program customise design -

Blake's Partner Program customise text -

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, if you are using ClickFunnels as a funnel platform to run the Partnership Program, it is even easier. Blake has already set the funnel up, and you can simply apply the already-made and ready-to-use sales funnel in ClickFunnels.

Don’t get me wrong, hardwork is still needed

I want to be clear on an expectation you might have here.

🙅 “Easy to set up” does not equals to “fast set up”. 🙅

It did take me quite some time to create mine. On average, from my experience and other real users, it took around 5 to 10 working days to get all things done (assume each working day = 8 hours).

To be fair, I would say it is relatively FAST compared to creating a brand new online business website from zero on your own. As just within a few days of time investment, you can have a proven-successful-formula online business fully established and running, ready to get all money from selling a real digital product on a website that you own 100%.

Do I need to create anything on my own then?

Yes! You do!

The only thing you need to create from scratch is your logo, product name and personal profile design. It is your own brand, so it can’t be done for you by Blake. 

However, Blake is so considerate and able to make this quite simple to do. He created a massive template set for you to just copy-paste or to replace for any items you need to customize to your brand and the target market of your choice.

In terms of graphics, all custom designs are created as PSD file templates with all individual layers provided for you to replace your brand logo and your own image. So, you can take advantage of this if you already know how to use Photoshop.

If not, you can hire an online freelance graphic designer  to do it for you. Blake is so considerate and put in a deep thought about this as well. He provided a folder containing all the artwork PSD materials and a written freelance job brief instruction for you to pass to the freelancer directly. So you don’t even need to think or write the instruction on your own.

In my case, even though I know how to use Photoshop, I just went straight to hire my freelance designer on Fiverr to do all the artwork for me. There are many Fiverr freelancers focused on creating Blake Nubar Partnership Program’s images, so there’s no worry about finding one for yourself.

The result? For me, it is awesome and absolutely worth the penny.

See and click on my transformation below – The Online Business Lead Machine

Blake's original _Social Media Lead Machine_

Online Business Lead Machine -

It saves my time and energy, enabling me to focus on the area where my input is solely needed. This does not just speed up the whole business set up process, but I also have a professional design to enhance my overall brand image.

Do I have to worry about writing business sales copy if I don’t write well?

You need not worry about writing captivating sales copy in English to sell the product. There are plenty of landing page templates, which are ready-to-use and easy to transform to fit into your brand message.

You will have the default pre-written bullet-proof copy in the product sales page, email sales copy and social media post templates that you can use. You just need to insert your product name and follow the instruction to fill in some blanks. So, even if you are not an English speaker like me, you can still use the program successfully.

Blake Nubar's Partner program assets

Or, if you want to have more personal touch in the email sequence content, you can contact my freelance copywriter on Fiverr and give a try.

#4 Seamless Support and Efficient Response – 4.5/5

Rating 4.5 Out Of 5 ★★★★★

Unlike some programs in which you’re left to figure out almost everything on your own after signing up, with the Blake Partnership program, you get 100% support.

Private Business Group with Blake and partners around the world

After you purchase the Partnership Program, you are allowed to join the private Facebook group. As a member of this business partner group, I can be a witness that it is a very active, respectful and helpful business community.

Blake and his strong team are very engaging and reply to many of the questions inside this business partnership group. Also, many experienced partners are so generous to offer guidance to any newcomers. So, for sure, you won’t have anything left behind. Whenever you have a question, you will get the answer.

Blake also created another Private group for anyone interested to learn more about this partnership business or those who bought the “social media lead machine” to join in, the Freedom Fighter. He is always so encouraging and gives ideas, answers questions to inspire the members to run a successful online business, and all other valuable experience.

He is not playing a behind the scene game; instead, he is very proactive and always show up in the weekly live training or Q and A session regularly.

I can say that Blake is truly committed in all of his private Facebook communities. He leads and gets involved in the conversations all the time.

Blake's Partner Program Facebook Engagement -

24/7 Technical and account support

From my personal experience corresponding with the Blake Nubar Program team, I noticed their support system is excellent. Blake’s team’s response is swift. When I submit a ticket to their support system, they usually respond within a couple of hours.

Another thing I very much appreciate is that they are very professional and patient. When I just stumbled on the program, I had quite a lot of questions to ask, and the feedback I got was always in detail, and in a caring tone and manner too.

Now that I’ve gained more experience, I’ve noticed how some of the questions I asked then didn’t quite make much sense. So, I am so glad for their forbearing guidance, which encouraged me to ask any simple (even stupid) questions that I had, until the doubts were completely cleared.

So, why did I give a 4.5 rating for such all-rounded support?

The only thing I would complain about is that they did not really provide email support.
Most of the time, when I receive their emails, the reply-to email is “no-reply email,” and their auto-reply email message directs me to their support ticketing system.

It is quite annoying for me as I have to type in the whole content again or copy and paste my question to the ticketing system. I think it would be more convenient for the email reply message to submit to their supporting system automatically, and then seamlessly move and continue the conversation over there.

Some of you might think it is just a small thing, and this type of support ticketing system is very common in the online world, and I should adapt to it.

Yes, I know, and I agree too. I am just a little picky and lazy, I guess.

Anyway, if that does not bother you, then their support rating should probably go back to 5 stars (not for me though). 😛

#5 Profitability Of Business Model – 5/5

Rating 5 Out Of 5 ★★★★★

Now, this is possibly the most important section for you. Should you invest your money and time in this program? Is it lucrative and worth it?

The answer is YES. 

You Get More Than You Pay

According to Blake’s company, the average profit that people are earning through this Partnership program is $500/day. Though, as I said, different people’s results will vary. But this earning reference shows that, with the cost of only $997 one-time or $597*2 two-time payments, most likely, you will have a high return on investment.

On top of that, the list of side benefits you will get is long – both tangible and intangible:

✅ start to run an online business in a relatively short amount of time and low risk
✅ get 90% of the sales while you sell each of the Blake’s digital product
✅ truly help your clients to get never-ending, highly relevant good quality leads
✅ opportunity to develop your expertise and entrepreneur image in the industry
✅ learn and practice for real how to apply the world-class sales funnel to run an online business
✅ apply the same funnel skills to start another online business if you want
✅ get the freedom of time and restful mind from financial stress.

Of course, like any other business, there’s no complete guarantee that everybody is going to earn a fixed amount of $500/ day; it can be more, it can be less.

However, with this important key benchmark as a potential earning reference, and all the detailed benefits of the program that you are going to get, it gives you a comprehensive full picture to evaluate that this investment is really worth the money (and time) to dedicate in/ take.

Most users have done over $20,000 with the Blake Nubar Partner Program, including some real users I interviewed during this review writing research, e.g., Paul Mottley, Timmy Wong, and other members in their private Facebook group.

So, obviously, the value is higher than the financial cost and time invested in launching this white-label product.

You only need to set up your funnel once, and afterward, you can sit back and enjoy your passive income, while maintaining it easily from even your smartphone.

Together with the uncountable side benefits that I considered to have, which I listed above, for me, it is worth more than the price.

And for my first week launchI got a sale of €209.34! You can check my real Facebook post here.

Conclusion: Blake Nubar Partner Program is Worth a 4.84 Overall Rating

The Blake Nubar’s Partner program is a profitable partnership that can help you earn passive income positively and genuinely.

This program does not only give you the tools and support you need to run an online business. It also provides you with “ready-to-sell” digital products, which you can customize to fit your brand and sell to individuals and businesses in any niche.

Furthermore, through the training and the business set up process, you’ll master how to create sales funnels and effective lead generation solution through social media at no additional cost.

So, Am I Recommending This Online Business?

Yes, I am!

Especially if you are interested in running an online business but don’t have much ideas on what to sell that could gain you profit.

Or, you don’t have sufficient time nor money to invest in building up a profitable online business plan and running model from scratch.

The Blake Nubar’s Partner Program could be a suitable choice for you.

And if you are just simply looking to earn more money or need a passive income stream, you should definitely try out the Blake Nubar Partnership Program today.

If you are still skeptical… …Read the Blake Nubar partnership Program testimonials!

Read more real users’ comments on whether the Blake Nubar’s Partnership Program will bring you success or not, which you can evaluate on your own.

Stop your doubt now and read the testimonials on the free training webinar page here.

Please note this post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. Please see full privacy policy here.

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  1. Nelson

    Okay, first of all, knowing that this program is for those who want to run a low risk but high conversion online business, I am super interested in it. This is just so great and pleasing to the ears. This program seems amazing with a lot of features to benefit from. Thanks for sharing this information about the Blake Nubar Partner Program.

  2. Lizzyben

    Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this review on Blake nubar partner program. To be honest, this is the first time I’m coming across such a name and the first time I’m coming across such program too. And from what I can see in your rating of the program, it looks like something I definitely have to partner with. I’ll give it more read and let you know what I think . Thank you 

  3. Misael H

    YES! This has been exactly what I have been looking for. From what I can read here, Blake’s Partner Program definitely seems like a legitimate platform where we can make a lot happen all with some dedication, time, and effort. This is certainly a platform I want to get involved with and start making some bank! Also, it seems that the platform is actually more trustworthy than others that I’ve seen. I think I will be checking out! Thank you so much for providing this for us! 

    1. Carmen

      Thank you so much Misael! Yes, it is a legitimate business program. The private Facebook for Blake’s partnership business owners are very helpful, whatever they have any beginner’s questions during the program set up or more advanced strategy type of questions, there’s always have sufficient and instant support! That is one of the things I like about this program. 🙂

      Check it out and if you have any questions just let me know. I hope to see you inside the Facebook private group soon.

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