I was searching the old traditional hymn hallelujah but this one keeps on showing up instead of the one I wanted to listen to.
But his voice is so good, isn’t he?

Looping the song several times by then.

It is a great one.

A great reminder and comfort. We are all just ordinary people, seek for love, to try to understand/know who is God.

Even the anointed King David and the strongest man Samson fell into lust and sin, but the biggest comfort and truth is, we can always go back to God, and He is always so gentle to accept the real the true us, all the time, whatever how we are and what we did.

He never forsakes us and never disgusts us. He only disgusts sin and it’s heartbroken when He sees we sin, but He always accepts us and loves us, just the way we are.

Just like the way we disgust the bad things that our kids do, but whatever how wrong they do, we still love them very much and the love we have for our kids, won’t change at all. We just purely accept whatever the strength, the weakness, the good and the bad, just the whole of our kids.

Being a parent is such a blessing journey to understand deeper and in another level of understanding how God’s love is, His children.

I’ve never had such a clearer and better understanding (and ability to understand) all this before when I was not a parent.

Every single day is learning how to be a parent and how He, this parent, our heavenly Father is.
Our Father just loves us to be with Him. He is always there, ready for us.

Love the last verse very much,
‘And even though it all went wrong, / I’ll stand before the Lord of Song / with nothing on my lips but Hallelujah!’
Hallelujah and have a joyful and blessed weekend.

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