Curious about how I started as an affiliate marketer? Thanks to the wealthy affiliate program

Find out how the wealthy affiliate program could help you to become a successful online entrepreneur like me as well…

Wealthy Affiliate is in business for over 15 years now, and is active in almost 200 countries. They have more than 1,400,000 members, and over 10,000 new businesses are being built on this platform every single month. More than 1,800 experts are ready to help you with your online business.

Is this platform the hidden gem you have been looking for in your search for financial independence?

For me it most definitely is!


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About Me - Carmen Ho - An Online MarketerAbout me

My name is Carmen and I used to work full time in online marketing for over 10 years. I helped my clients with their online activities like running and optimizing online ad campaigns, and monitoring their websites development process.

Since, I have been an online entrepreneur, and making major progress as an affiliate marketeer.


Which online program can you trust?

You can find hundreds of scammers online that want you to buy their expensive MLM trainings and courses. Just to get rich of you.

Please bear in mind that they are not getting rich because of their fantastic secret strategies.

They are getting rich because you buy their trainings! They even make you sell the very pipe dreams that you bought yourself to other targets!

That is nothing to be proud of, and short-sighted as well.

The only ones that are getting rich are the very few on top of the pyramid.

And you are working hard to help them. Is that the future you really want?

Searching for an honest and effective program

I have been searching for effective affiliate training programs, and have been disappointed numerous of times.

In 2016, I found out about the Wealthy Affiliate Program. After studying their basic online training courses outlines, I was convinced to become a PREMIUM member.

I saw the value of the tools and services they provided for business development. The PREMIUM Membership covered all of my learning needs.

With WA you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

WA provides you with the best tools any online marketeer desires.

An active and helpful community

Wealthy Affiliate Community

The Wealthy Affiliate Program is not about 1 expert ‘guru’ that knows all. A ‘guru’ who makes you believe that you happen to be the lucky one getting all intel about how to become rich fast.

WA is a warm community of affiliate experts instead, moving this brilliant network further. The vibrant and thriving Wealthy Affiliate community is filled with positive specialists. They do not only help others, but actually love to help.

The program creators, Kyle and Carson, are promoting these values by taking part themselves actively in the community.

Wealthy Affiliate Expert Coaching For Free

All in all, the Wealthy Affiliate offers a human touch to its program. They are constantly posting new updates and trainings so the knowledge base keeps on evolving.

Part of the success of WA and affiliate marketing, in general, is to never stop improving, to educate yourself constantly. Helping members with their online struggles, and how to adapt to changes.



Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2021 Discount 850x314

Why is Wealthy Affiliate different?

I have signed up for several different programs, and quickly realized they are scams. I wasted a lot of time, and have seen many victims of these programs who did lose lots of money.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program opened my eyes. I realized that there still is an honest and truthful program that actually helps you forward.

WA is transparent: what you see is what you get. Underneath I explain the added value WA had for me:

The added value of the FREE Wealthy Affiliate Program

  • The free program is really for FREE, and you get real value without paying anything for it.
  • The WA Program consists of 120 classes for the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp and as a FREE member you get access to 20 of those classes. By following these classes you get all fundamental knowledge about how affiliate marketing works. Based on this you could easily decide if affiliate marketing is something for you or not.
  • You can actually start with your online business with $0 investment and zero risk as you can build and host 1 website for FREE.
  • WA provides you with tools to build your responsive website from scratch. You have access to 4 WordPress themes, so you can build a beautiful, converting website with no design and coding skills needed!
  • At the WA community you can get help of experts when you need advice. The WA community is very active, and successful members are delighted to help you out. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle with your online business at any time.


The added value of the PREMIUM Wealthy Affiliate Program

  • The PREMIUM program has a FLAT FEE of just $49 per month (or yearly $495 which means $93 off). A highly affordable sum, especially for the added value you get. There are no hidden fees, there are no further upsells, or other selling tactics. What you see is what you get!
  • As a PREMIUM member you get access to all 120 classes for the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.
  • You learn all about affiliate marketing from A to Z, and also essential online marketing and analytic skills like SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and brand building.
  • PREMIUM members have access to weekly live trainings (which means 52 live trainings in a year!) and 12 classroom trainings with ongoing training materials
    added. Even an industry expert can keep on learning about the most updated trends and skills, like e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, AdSense, Facebook Ads, and lead generation. You benefit from ongoing education that never ends.
  • With the PREMIUM program you can host 10 websites without any additional costs on powerful Amazon dual servers, including 30 GB storage.
  • You can choose from 4,000 WordPress themes as a PREMIUM member in order to apply your very own style to your website.
  • Your revenue sources are unlimited with WA. There are millions of niches that you can promote instantly. Therefore, there are endless opportunities!


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2021 Discount 850x314

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a guide to becoming rich fast!

The WA program is not a guide of how to earn money fast. There is no red carpet for you to become a millionaire within a few months.

The program gives you all the guidance and tools to make it online. You will still have to work hard and disciplined. Combined with these tools, and the guidance of the WA experts, you have a great opportunity to become successful online.

WA offers you more than an affiliate training. It offers you a chance to build a sustainable online income in an honest and practical way. You will be surprised by how down-to-earth, humble, and genuinely caring the people behind WA are. You will feel welcomed immediately, and motivated by their positivity.



Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2021 Discount 850x314

What do PREMIUM members think of the WA program?

Read why some of the FREE members upgraded their membership to PREMIUM

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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2021 Discount 850x314

The 9 reasons why I think you should join the WA program:

  •  WA offers you a simple, transparent and honest way to earn money online
  •  The program is suitable for both starters and experienced online marketeers
  • ü It offers significant added value with the FREE account to see if affiliate marketing works for you at zero risk
  •  PREMIUM member have full access for a flat fee of just $49 per month without any hidden fees or upsells
  • Constantly updated high value fundamental education sessions, weekly live trainings and 12 classrooms
  • Unlimited revenue sources and endless ideas and opportunities
  • Access to intuitive tools to build and promote your responsive website from scratch
  • Secure and fast world-class servers with a 30GB storage plan
  • Instant support by experts when you need help or advice


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2021 Discount 850x314


Apply for PREMIUM today and you get $30 off for the first month!

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