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Protect Your Facebook Ad Account Solution – Only For Today 23/11!

I just found out the offer is not just time-limited, but also with limited seats! 😱

Updated @ 6:30pm (GMT+1): only 12 seats available!


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If you are reading this post, probably because you are having a big issue with your Facebook Ad Account like this:

Facebook Account Blocked Image

And you clicked on the “contact us” link, followed all the instructions without any delay, you read and applied all you can do from the suggestions in the Facebook Business page “Troubleshoot a Disabled Ad Account”. But still, you are not able to get it back. Even you think you follow what you’ve been told there.

I know the struggle.

And now, it’s the worst.

We all know the fact that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sales, New Year Sales are all coming… from this week.

Having your Facebook Ad account shut down at this moment is absolutely the WRONG timing. It could cripple your business.

I’ve heard from many business owners say that from the end of November to the beginning of January is the busiest time of the year for sales…

So it’s critical to do everything you can to safeguard your account now. 


I’ve heard many of you are struggle with this, so I signed up for Wilco’s special waiting list for this “Protect Your Ad Account” product. Whenever it is opened to the market again, I will get their instant update.

(For those who doesn’t know who is Wilco:

In summary, he is a Facebook ad Guru. He and his team created specific training and software to help many Facebook advertisers gain a much higher ROI with a shorter ad creation time and without the risk of having their ads being banned.)

And I just got their email notification today!

Protect Your Ad Account Email Notification - 23/11/2020

Here is the good news – Protect Your Ad Account is back! But only for today 23/11.

You can click here to see how it works now.

But before you do so, take a few moments to see the results from real users:

Protect your facebook ad account testimonial jason arthur


Protect your facebook ad account testimonial rasmusProtect your facebook ad account testimonial yolanda kreilProtect your facebook ad account testimonial carsten dunn

If you already have a disabled account… if you immediately implement what the “Protect Your Ad Account” teach inside the course…

There is a chance you can get it turned back on in time for the busiest retail season of the year.

Of course, it is hard to give anyone a 100% promise that your account will be reinstated before Black Friday…but probably you can catch up for the other important ones.

Also, your chances are far better by taking action with the strategies presented inside Protect Your Ad Account than by going it alone.

Protect your ad account

Time is running out. Click here to see how Protect Your Ad Account will be your absolute protection on your Facebook Ad Account. 

Protect Your Ad Account Now


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