Project Next Thrive Edition 2022

To Get From Where You Are, To Where You Want To Be

Get yourself ready to Launch An Impactful Online Business With The Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition – The framework You Need To run Any Digital Courses, Coaching Programs, Workshops, Masterminds Or Even Your Own Live Challenges!

If Tony and Dean so over-delivered in their FREE 5-Days Time To Thrive Challenge, how much more value will you get as their PAID students?

If you are so obsessed with the live training and it starts to transform you just in a few days, how close is your dream becoming true if you start committing to this full-packed training from today?

If you recognize your potential is unlocked after all the uncomfortable actions you took during the Time To Thrive Challenge, what next level of success will you achieve if you keep up this momentum?

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi hosted another epic live event called the “Time To Thrive” Challenge, and they just announced the “Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition” on their Day 3 challenge. immediately, many people come up with these questions: 

  • Why do I need this Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition now, is it suitable for me?
  • What are the 4 PILLARS all about? The Immersion, Repetition, Implementation and Mastery?
  • What exactly can I get and learn from Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition? What are the Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 Bonuses?
  • How does the tailor-made bonus so special for your success that you can’t miss it?
  • What results I can expect from Project Next Thrive Edition 2022? (Sneak Peak for the First 3 Modules from my experience sharing)
  • Is there any money back guarantee and how does it work?

In this post, you will find out all the answers. 

And if you buy Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition through my link here, you will get extra bonuses from me, only exclusive to the students I referred. 

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Is Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition Suitable For Me? Who Is This For?

If You Attended The 5-Days Challenge, Nothing Is Better Than Tony And Dean To Explain Why You Should Jump Into This Knowledge Industry Now, So, I Am Going To Stop Here. (If You Haven’t Attended The 5-Days Time To Thrive Challenge, Then, I Wonder How You Get Into Here To Read This?)

No matter whether you want to gain better control of your finance and your time, online self-education is the right industry to start. It is blooming and growing, the increasing trend is unstoppable, all over the world.

You probably agreed with what you’ve listened during the Time to Thrive Challenge, ready to start a new path, just you are not sure if the Project Next Thrive Edition is suitable for you.

Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 is for someone who wants to create a long-term online business by sharing what they know, making an impact, and earning the money and the freedom they want.

What Are The Project Next Thrive Edition 4 PILLARS All About?
The Immersion, Repetition, Implementation And Mastery?

What Are The Project Next Thrive Edition 4 PILLARS All About? The Immersion, Repetition, Implementation And Mastery?These 4 main pillars are aiming to help you get the results in your online self-education business, but it seems this is most frequently got stuck area. 

I would say it is the method-naming during the learning and business development process. 

Here is a summary of what it means for each pillar and what items are linked into each:

What Does Each Pillar Mean? What Does This Pillar Include?


An immersive “all in one” training series shows you how to discover the power living inside of you & sell it to the world to impact lives, creating new meaning and success of their own in the process! 

The course is full of examples from Tony, Deans, students, celebrities, well-known people in history so that you can immerse yourself to the self-learning industry throughout the course.

Total 6 Modules will cover below topics
1. Discover the next level mindset to become unstoppable so excuses never get in your way again
2. Uncover exactly what YOU should sell and discover who you will sell it to 
3. How to build your product in 5 easy steps & get it live to sell to the world!
4. Learn how to effortlessly market your message and sell out of service so you can attract your ideal client even in a down market
5. Find your perfect clients on social media using the channels you’re likely already on
6. How to sell confidently like a pro and feel good about doing it

Most people who buy a course never complete it that’s why you are getting accountability & coaching. Dean will walk alongside you every step of the way and help you overcome obstacles, crush anything in your way and share deep dive secrets that aren’t even inside the course

This is where they hold their students’ hands and guide them through content completion.

Each student will get 6 weeks of guided LIVE group coaching led by Dean, Mastermind Coaches & special guests.
Private access to LIVE group coaching calls with Dean every week from now until the World Summit!
On these calls, Dean will work with you & the rest of the students to implement what you learn in THE PROJECT NEXT 2022 THRIVE COURSE so you can confidently turn your new knowledge into real results. 
IMPLEMENTATION is a platform that allows you to build a professional and beautiful-looking course, coaching or workshop and get it uploaded and launched to the world in just minutes… and then it becomes immediately accessible to people worldwide.
The new updates make it easier than ever to build & launch a digital product in 30 days or less.  
This will be the culmination of your journey to launching your own knowledge product to the world!!
It is where like-minded action takers like you come together to transform your knowledge into mastery, crush imposter syndrome for life and give you the rocket fuel to confidently launch into your next level of success, purpose and impact you need the 2022 World Summit!
A LIVE 3 day virtual event where we deliver full immersion into the knowledge business, teach students how to market and scale their product and celebrate their results. This is not only everything they want… it is everything they NEED to get the results they desire. 

What Exactly Can I Get And Learn From Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition?

What Are The Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 OFFICIAL Bonuses?

Here is the summary of what you will get from the PROJECT NEXT: THRIVE EDITION 2022




  • 30 Days 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee

The Project Next 2022 Thrive Course
Sneak Peak the first 3 modules (out of 6)

As you know already, Tony and Dean are always over-delivered, even for their affiliate partners. This year, we are so blessed to have a chance to watch the New Project Next Thrive Edition several modules in an earlier advance.

I spent over 12 hours just watching the first 3 modules’ video contents that I have access. And on top of that, I spent a significant of time during the course taking notes, doing the worksheet, think-think, and re-think. So, now I can share with you what I’ve learned so far from the first 3 modules of the Project Next 2022 Thrive Digital Course (The Immersion .

  • “Are you sure what you want to teach?”
  • “Who do you want to serve?”
  • “And what is the reason to support all of these?”

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi will help you find out the super strong reason behind the why so that the “why” will become your main fuel to keep the online teaching business engine running or even accelerating.

Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 Digital Course Sneak Peak – Module 1 – My Experience Sharing

Before the students start to dive into business, the course starts by preparing you to get the right mindset that would completely change your lens about how you see the online knowledge business (and all kinds of business).

By the end of the first module, you will have the success mindset framework, philosophy that drives growth, and get clear and know your WHY.

This deep level clarity about yourself, your calling, and your passion binded with the right mindset framework and philosophy together, will become a sufficient fuel to keep up the momentum along the business journey.

Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 Digital Course Sneak Peak – Module 2 – My Experience Sharing

After this important self-foundation is built, then, you will start to create your online training framework, by diving deep into the following 3 questions –

  1. What are you going to sell?
  2. Who are you going to sell it to?
  3. How are you going to teach?

They may sound like very generic topics, but each one of the teaching and the exercise within the course is very tough. It is definitely not something you can find on Youtube or any free resources.

This is the most compelling module for me so far. Let me tell you why.

They filmed the course in front of the audience and they picked up some students at once to do exercises, demonstrating different ways of teaching methods. There are many touching and magic moments during this section that is also very inspiring and life-changing.

We all know pretty much what we want to teach and teach well, as those topics are our expertise, from real experience, our hearts and our passion, so, we already have the great ingredients, and after this module, you will have a great framework how to put all the ingredients into the right place. So, it will be easy for you to teach, and easy for your students to learn, with the impact you want to give.

Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 Digital Course Sneak Peak – Module 3 – My Experience Sharing

Are you worried about getting sales rather than creating a good online course product? Probably selling is the most uncomfortable part for most of us.

But after you get into this marketing and sales part, you will become very eager to sell your products and get the 3-steps framework, how to market and sell it effectively.

This is not just for newbies who don’t have any marketing or selling experience, but also can be beneficial for those who are already inside the knowledge industry.

So, if you have already started, how’s your sales? 

Are you earning at the level you want to be? How to earn more and serve more authentically at the same time?

You will know what is the working strategy that you no need to hold any “secrets” back but your students would love to buy more from you.

Some useful questions you can keep on asking yourself to sharpen your marketing and sales skills

  • Are you sure you are attracting your real “ideal clients”? 
  • Do you know their real pain deep enough and you know what they want desperately enough? 
  • How’s the hook, story, and call to action of your marketing materials? Are they in the right place?
  • Are you shy to ask for money when the right moment you created comes in?
  • Are you showing them the benefits and letting them feel they are understood? 
  • Or do you just keep on talking about yourself and trying to get them to understand you?
  • Are you able to consistently offer extra value, so your existing clients are eager to pay for whatever you offer next?
  • Do you have a scalable system that can simultaneously fuel up your business?
  • Can you answer each of the above questions well, able to implement and master them in your business?

If yes, you will start to see the result. 

This Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 is going to get you there.

What is the Project Next 2022 Thrive Edition Extra Bonus if you use the following link to purchase?

You will get the following bonuses

1. Immediately you will get

2. Join this private group 

Other frequently asked questions

How does my tailor-made bonus so special for your success that you can’t miss it?

This year, I am so blessed to continue to be the affiliate again and watch the New Project Next Thrive Edition several modules in an earlier advance, I know what additional bonus you exactly need to help you and how you can understand the course better, base on what you are going to experience. And most important – to make you stay focused on completing the course so you can reach your goal as you planned.

According to the research – the biggest challenge for online course self-learner is to complete the course.

My bonus is specifically designed to remove all the unnecessary obstacles that distract you from following your designed learning schedule when you start the Project Next Thrive Edition journey.

You will be able to fully be responsible to do what you want until you get where you want to be, on time.

Ultimately, you can take this real experience to help your students to complete your courses, one after one.

Your Project Next Thrive Edition 2022 Bonus are so simple, why still so many students love to buy through your affiliate link after they compare others massive give-away?

Becasue many other Project Next 2022 Bonuses in the market are too overwhelming. 

Ask yourself, do you really need them?

One thing I learned from Tony and Dean in the Project Next course, was we offer irresistible offer. But what does it mean, does it means the more the better? Read more here.

Disclaimer: I am an independent affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, Mindmint LLC. 

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