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  1. Keith Williams

    Does the 30 day guarantee apply to the pay plan option?

    1. Carmen

      Hi Keith,

      It is, it applies to all the 3 different payment plans as long as you request the refund within the first 30 days upon your purchase.

      You can click here on the official enrollment page for more details at the bottom the “terms” link.

      It seems the enrollment period is passed, but I still see the “Let me in” button is on so I think you can still enroll as long as it is still there. Don’t know how long it will last, because once his course is closed, you have to wait for almost another half year until it is opened again, just like his Self-Publishing 101 course, last time the enrollment was opened around May, and it is still close until sometime in November.
      So, if you see the Ads for Authors course still letting you in, maybe you should sign up and check first.

      Hope that helps.


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